ALERT: NYC high schools giving teens Plan B pills without parental consent

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October 6, 2012 by SquarePegDem


Through an innocuous sounding program  -- CATCH (Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health) middle/high school nurses are dispensing the morning-after pill to students!!! A kid can’t get a rotten tooth pulled or an aspirin without parental access. But a they can get a biochemical hormonal cocktail (Plan B, Reclipsen and Depo-Provera) without parents being aware –and ever becoming aware. And get this. Parents have to opt-out, if they want to bar their child from receiving contraceptives or pregnancy tests.  If they don’t sign and return an “opt-out” form, their minor children are presumptively enrolled.  There’s no presumptive approval to take students to the Bronx Zoo or Radio City, except when it comes sexuality education, free contraception, and referral to an abortion clinic.

Parents should have to OPT-IN to enroll their child in a contraceptives and pregnancy tests distribution program. Active, informed consent is usually the norm in health care. Even pharmaceutical ads have to inform consumers of possible side effects and the importance of consulting a physician.

Heck, organ donors have to opt-in on their driver’s license. The government can’t seize your organs once you die in a fatal crash, no matter how the critical the need for kidneys, hearts and lungs.

Just this week, the WSJ reported on the decline in parental involvement in city schools. So much for Chancellor Walcott’s hollow insistence that he wants greater parental involvement. Apparently, parental involvement in health care decisions is exempt.

Plus, who’s paying for this? Medicaid? Taxpayers? New Yorkers didn’t elect Bloomberg to spend their precious tax dollars on providing pregnancy tests, birth control, and Plan B to minors.

Continue reading — NY Post: NYC schools giving teens Plan without parental consent



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