Cardinal Dolan Recognizes Teenage Victims of a Permissive Culture

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November 12, 2012 by valuesvotersnyc

Last week, Cardinal Dolan blogged in support of an op-ed in the NY Post (Bad advice for our girls that identified a Staten Island teenager, who recently committed suicide, as the “victim of a culture that tells 15-year-olds that sex is fun at any age,… and that casual sex can be “empowering.”

Cardinal Dolan Greeting Those Seated in the Shrine

Cardinal Dolan (Photo credit: cryptic_star)

I am glad that Cardinal Dolan has chosen to call attention to the very real danger posed by the sexualization of our children. But I only wish His Eminence had drawn a direct connection to the city Education Department’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum and the
CATCH program dispensing emergency contraceptives and other birth control to teenage girls.

Last month, a 15 year old girl at Port Richmond High School (Staten Island) killed herself after a cellphone video of her having sex with four members of the football team was circulated at the school. Astonishingly, reports said that she worried about looking “fat” in the video. How sad is that?!

Apologists for the city’s misguided sexuality education program will claim that the student was the victim of bullying, instead of statutory rape and a permissive school culture supported by adults who should know better.

Port Richmond HS is a CATCH location where Mayor Bloomberg is dispensing Plan B. Of course, His Honor denies having that young girl’s blood on his hands.

This is why values voters must elect next year, a Mayor and City Council Members who will end comprehensive sexuality education, shelve CATCH and combat the rampant sexualization of our children.

More here – Victims of a permissive society (


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