NYT: Adolfo Carrión Jr. Quits Democrats

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December 1, 2012 by SquarePegDem

The NY Times reports tonight that former Bronx BP and Obama aide Adolfo Carrion has disenrolled from the Democratic Party in order to pursue a Fusion candidacy for Mayor of New York.

Although his father, Rev. Dr. Adolfo Carrion, Sr., is retired, he remains a major religious leader in the Assemblies of God, the younger Mr. Carrion is neither a true centrist nor a values candidate. And without Michael Bloomberg’s deep pockets, Mr. Carrion is unlikely to be successful.

The Times reports…

Mr. Carrión had recently left the Democratic Party and was unaffiliated. Mr. Goldin also said that Mr. Carrión, who would need the blessing of three of the five Republican county leaders to run on their line in the city,had been talking to individual chairmen regularly,and was to meet all of them Wednesday night. Mr. Carrión is also seeking the backing of the Independence Party.

… [I]n a statement,Mr. Goldin said,"Given the yearning for an alternative to the special interests and a leader who can focus on rebuilding and uniting all five boroughs, the coalescing of support around Adolfo Carrión as a candidate for mayor makes complete sense."


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