Albany Madness : The Crook Championship


April 7, 2013 by SquarePegDem

Albany Madness has opened for voting. Rd 1 voting ends Sunday at 9AM.

In the battle of Senate Majority Leaders, Joe Bruno is beating Malcolm Smith.

In the sex offenders match-up, convicted pedophile Chris Ortloff is having his way with Vito “Gropez.”

The Bronx Rumble features “Viper Man” Pedro Espada dueling Nelson “King Rat” Castro. The snake is killing the rat.

Our two “Cinderella” contestants are “Viking” Dan Halloran and William “Baby” Boyland.

You can begin voting for your favorite competitors at:


2 thoughts on “Albany Madness : The Crook Championship

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  2. Mark Prowley says:

    Crowley, Ognibene and Tabone should off to Argentina where Croat and Arab nazis mete out homeland security

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