Gosnell Clinic: Teen intern recalls hearing aborted fetus ‘screeching’ | Latino Times

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April 13, 2013 by SquarePegDem

In Philadelphia, a monstrous black doctor performed late-term abortions in the middle of the night for over 30 years and Pennsylvania health authorities were unaware. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported: Baldwin also told the jury about seeing at least five aborted babies moving, breathing, and, in one case, “screeching” after late-term procedures at the clinic at 3801 Lancaster Ave. In Pennsylvania, abortions are legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. After that, medical experts say, a fetus is capable of living outside the womb. “They looked just like regular babies,” Baldwin said. Baldwin said one baby was so big that Gosnell joked that “this baby is going to walk me home.”


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